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Terra Tachyon workshop in Riga

    Terra Tachyon workshop in Riga

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 FLOWER OF LIFE workshop in Riga
(Mer-Ka-Ba Light Body activation)



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You have a kind of wand in your body: the spine. The condition and position of the spine are essential for the whole body (function). And as a beside effect also for your personal evolution because the Chakras are connected to the spine at the front and on your back. Holding the Starwand vertically between your hands supports the erection of the spine. Holding it horizontal supports to synchronize the left and right hemisphere of the brain. It's special function is to clean the energetic bodies around you while moving it around the body in a certain distance.


      DNA ACTIVATOR 1 & 2

For your DNA activation and reprogramation of your DNA.

Your DNA seems to be the interface between your mental body and your physical
body, your thoughts and your believe system and what you experience.

The first step in using the activator is activate all the layers of your DNA.

Then you can reprogram your DNA to change what you need/want to
change in your life experience

You can use having it in your living space, working office or sleeping table.
You can meditate actively with the Activator and reach a clear point of view of the original blueprint of your soul.
As it shifts you back to Source, you can express the intent you have in a more accurate way (one after the other).

The Activator 1 is for self use The activator 2 is for a group, family, ....


After using the Activator 1 or 2 several weeks meditating and feeling it , we suggest to express, energetize the intent you choose and pay attention to all the feelings, mental structures, sensations, thoughts, automatic mouvements that may show up. After that, then re-focus on your intent, decision, or what you want to change and notice again all the
feelings, thoughts sensation etc... Repeat these steps as many time as necessary until you get a clear feeling, intuition or conviction that you purely reach the point you focus on.

The intent its one important point to activate.
More than the intent, the Activator will help you to strengh your will (I do it) and keep the focus on what you want (I decide). You will manage your attention fields and direct the flow on the potential that most interest you to experience.
As it enhance all the layers of your DNA, the activator will help you to reach the unlimited potential within you, the memories, gifts and talents you gained in past lives or parallels lives. It is a powerful tool and need to be use wisely .

That's work even you start with «Even I don't beleive in that for me, I decide to .....» or «Even I don't beleive it's possible, I decide to .....»